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Friday, October 1, 2010


Chapati dough can be rolled in a variety of ways ~ Double layer the dough to roll a Round Paratha or roll into a 3 layered Triangle Paratha or 4 layered Square Paratha ... the key is to get kids to eat better, healthier foods in each and every bite ...


In a big bowl, add 3 cups whole wheat flour. Add 1.5 cups water & knead to a soft dough for 2-3 minutes.

After the dough is well kneaded, apply oil & cover for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, knead lightly once & divide the dough in 6 equal portions.

You will need dry flour for rolling (whole wheat or all purpose flour will do)

Take 1 portion of the dough, press into a patty, roll in dry flour & start rolling it - roll it in a medium round shape like a Poori shape.

Apply oil on it with a spoon, lift it, turn it upside down such that the oil applied portion is facing the dry flour. Let dry flour coat on the oil in one layer.

Put the paratha back on the rolling pan.

Hold one edge of the dough & start gathering it like we do for a stuffed paratha or puran poli. Gather all the edges in the center, fit them tightly & press down lightly to form a patty.

Start rolling it like a regular chapati - only this will have a round shape with 2 layers as it has been folded over once.

Heat a pan on 6/10 flame, once it is hot, add the paratha on it.

Once you see bubbles appearing on the top side, flip it over, it will start puffing up on the pan itself. Let it cook on the other side too.

Then lift paratha with a spatula, turn it upside down, press with a kitchen towel & puff it up completely till light golden brown.

If you have a gas that has a flame, it can be cooked on an open flame on both sides.

Transfer to a serving plate - apply ghee or butter, indent with fork so all the ghee gets soaked in the paratha.

Serve hot with any Sabzi, yogurt & pickle.
Prepare & enjoy !!!

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