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Friday, September 24, 2010


Fresh Tomato Soup makes a great starter to any meal and it can also be served as an accompaniment to the main course. Tastes delicious with Khichdi (plain & mix veg) Here's the simple recipe ..

For a mix veg soup, you can also add few pieces of carrots, celery, beetroot slices (for a deeper red color), parsley, lettuce, watercress, Spinach



Heat 8 cups water in a big saucepan till it boils.

Wash, wipe 6 ripe red tomatoes. On the top tip, make small slit in the tomato (horizontally & vertically) about the size of 1/3 of our finger on all the tomatoes.

Add tomatoes to the boiling water.

In another 2-3 minutes, the papery skin on the tomatoes will start separating.

Switch off the gas. With a slotted spoon, carefully remove the tomatoes from the boiling water & remove the papery skin completely when they are cool enough to handle.

The water in which they are boiled can be used as a vegetable stock later in dals, so store it in the refrigerator.

Blend the tomatoes in a blender with 1.5 cups water (the water in which tomatoes were boiled can be added here) The consistency of tomato soup is good enough.

In a big bowl, place a sieve & drain the tomato soup to remove all the seeds. Keep running a spoon on the sieve to speeden the process.

Heat 1 teaspoon ghee or butter in a saucepan on 5/10 flame setting. Once it is hot, add jeera, pinch of hing.

Add the drained tomato soup.

Add spices - 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper powder. Mix, check spices.

Tomatoes are already blanced & cooked, so just warm the soup till you see ghee/butter floating on the soup.

Serve hot with Croutons.

Prepare & enjoy !!!

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