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Monday, April 5, 2010


Dahi vada ... one of the oldest & simplest dessert recipes to make at home ... chilled Yogurt poured on cold vadas & lots of masala toppings ... adds a cool touch to any warm summer evening ...


PREPARE YOGURT Heat 2.5 litres milk till it comes to a rolling boil, switch off gas & let milk cool for exactly 1 hour.

After an hour, add 2 tablespoons Yogurt (merwan) & let it set for 6-8 hours overnight.

Next morning, keep it in the refrigerator to chill for 8-10 hours before serving



Next morning, wash 1 cup Urad dal (split, white) + 1/2 cup Moong dal (yellow, without skin, split) in running water 3-4 times.

Soak for at least 1 hour till dals are very soft & can break easily when crushed with a fingernail.

When dals are soft, drain out all the water, add to a blender (grinder), add 1/2 cup fresh water & grind to a thick coarse paste.

You may add 1/4 cup water extra if its tough to grind but not more as it will be difficult to make vadas if batter becomes very runny.

With the help of a rubber spatula, remove all the batter in a bowl.

Add 3-3.5 teaspoons salt (to taste) + 1 teaspoon jeera. Mix well.

Heat oil on medium high for 10 minutes to fry vadas.

Side by side, take a big bowl, half fill with water, add 2-3 tablespoons yogurt & blend it in the water. Keep aside to soak the fried vadas.

Keep a big emplty plate next to it to keep the soaked vadas.

Once oil is ready, take 2 spoons (regular spoon with which we eat) & place them in the batter.

Fill 1 spoon with the vada batter, lift & with the second spoon, scoop the vada inside the hot oil. Since the batter will be thick, it wont scoop out of the spoon, so dip vadas in hot oil like this.

Depending on your frying pan size, fry a batch of vadas till they are golden brown. Keep turning them for even color.

Remove from frying pan in an empty plate. After all vadas are in the plate, tilt & put all the vadas in the bowl of water.

Let them soak in this water for at least 10 minutes.

Fry the next batch of vadas till then.

After 10 mins, place a soaked vada in the palm of your left hand, with your right hand, lightly press on it, so most of the water is drained out. Repeat for all soaked vadas. Keep all the soaked vadas in an empty plate.

Repeat this for all batches. Keep the soaked vadas plate in the refrigerator to cool till evening.



Churn the yogurt with a valoni (hand churner) so to even the consistency.

NORTH INDIAN STYLE Keep vadas in a deep dish, pour yogurt generously over all the vadas, sprinkle, salt, red chilli powder, jeera powder, tamarind khatta meetha chutney. Serve cold.

MY MOTHER'S STYLE Heat 2 tablespoons oil for vaghaar, once oil is hot, add 5-6 chopped green chillies, curry leaves, 3 teaspoons jeera

Add this vaghaar to the yogurt + 8-10 tablespoons Sugar & mix well. Yogurt gets a spicy flavor because of green chillies & slightly sweet because of sugar.

Keep vadas in a deep dish, pour yogurt generously on it, sprinkle salt, red chilli powder, jeera powder. Serve cold.

Prepare & enjoy !!!

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