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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Counting calories is not important when you are savoring these delicious puff pastries. Paper thin sheets loaded with butter just melt in your mouth ... so close your eyes to calories & open your mouth for a delicious treat ...



Readymade (Pepperidge Farm) Puff Pastry Sheets (available in US)

Thaw (bring puff pastry sheets to room temperature) Leave the 2 sheets on a big tray at room temperature for 30 mins before baking.



3 potatoes, 1 cup frozen/fresh green peas, 1/2 cup cilantro (fresh dhania finely chopped)

SPICES : Salt to taste, jeera, pinch of hing, pinch of turmeric, 1.5 tablespoons green chilli paste, pinch of Everest Garam Masala, 3 tablespoons Dhaanajeeru (dhaniajeera powder), 1 tablespoon Jeera powder

Take 3 tablespoons of All purpose flour/wheat flour in a small bowl & add water enough to make a thick paste to bind the pastries


1. Boil 3 potatoes to 4 whistles, when cooker cools down, mash them completely.

2. Fill a saucepan with 4 cups of water & add 1 cup frozen or fresh peas to cook. Add pinch of salt & turmeric. Boil for 10-12 mins till cooked.

Drain in a sieve, let peas cool to room temperature.

3. Keep 4 tablespoons oil for vaghaar in a wide non stick pan, once it heats, add jeera, pinch of hing, 1.5 tablespoons green chilli paste.

Switch gas on medium heat. Add mashed potatoes, salt to taste (3-4 teaspoons), pinch of turmeric, pinch of Everest Garam Masala, 3 tablespoons Dhaanajeeru (dhaniajeera powder), 1 tablespoon Jeera
powder. Mix well. Cook for 3-4 mins stirring well.

4. Add peas & fresh cut cilantro (dhania), mix & switch off the gas.

5. Let the mixture cool down to room temperature (takes about 30 mins - so you can remove the puff pastry from the freezer once filling is ready - so filling cools & puff pastries thaw at the same time)


Once Puff pastries thaw, place 1 sheet on a big tray. If it is in folds, open all the folds.

With a pizza cutter, cut along the lines of the fold. Then cut vertically depending on how big pastries you want to prepare.

I make 3 horizontal cuts along the fold & 4 vertical cuts - so that makes 12 two bite size pieces per sheet.

Place a spoon of filling on one side of each piece of cut puff pastry.

On one half side of the pastry, apply the thick all purpose flour/wheat flour paste with a spoon. Lift the piece, flip the other side over it & bind it tightly with your fingers & seal it completely.

Repeat for all the pieces.

Grease a baking tray & place all the pieces on the baking tray. Place the tray in the fridge to cool down till you prepare the second sheet of the box. (Place the second tray also in the fridge till it is ready to bake)

Once all the pastries are filled, preheat oven to 400 F

Once oven is heated, place an empty baking sheet & then the baking sheet that has all the filled puff pastries (the one that was placed first in the fridge)

Placing 2 baking sheets ensures that the bottoms of the pastries don't burn

On the middle rack, place the baking tray to bake for 20 mins.

Puff pastries will be golden brown, all puffed up, ready to serve.

Repeat for the second sheet.

Serve hot with Cilantro chutney (dhania chutney) & tomato ketchup.



Place a spoonful of any favorite Fruit Jam as filling - Apple / Strawberry / Mixed Fruit Jam

Prepare & enjoy !!!

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  1. thanks......came out really well though i added some onion , carrot, beans and bell peppers to my stuffing