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Saturday, March 27, 2010



Turn leftover rice or yogurt rice into this very delicious Spicy Steamed Methi Muthiyaas ... another Mother's recipe that is unbeatable when it comes to traditional Gujarati tastes ... For those of you who like Methi flavored recipes, this one is for you ...


Fill a steamer basket with about 1/3rd capacity water & let it heat on less than medium flame.

Wash 1 cup dry (kasuri) methi leaves in running water 3-4 times to remove all the sand particles. Keep these leaves soaked in a pan full of water.


You can use 1.5 cups fresh methi leaves (clean, cut, wash thoroughly in running water 3-4 times to remove sand particles & keep the leaves soaked in water)



In a big size bowl add the following ingredients

2 cups leftover yogurt rice ( If you have leftover rice, you can add about 1/2 cup dahi to 1.5 cups leftover rice to make 2 cups of yogurt rice )

1 cup rava (sooji) OR 1 cup coarse ground whole wheat BHAKRI flour

1 + 1/4 cup regular whole wheat flour (which we use for chapatis)

Salt 5 teaspoons

Haldi 1/4 teaspoon

Red chilli powder 2 tablespoons

Dry (kasuri) methi leaves soaked earlier OR the fresh methi leaves

1 tablespoon sugar

Garlic paste 2 tablespoons

Green chilli paste 2 tablespoons

Ginger paste 1 tablespoon

1 sachet of Eno fruit salt (regular or lime = 5 grams)

1/3 cup oil

Mix all the above ingredients lightly with your fingertips such that all the flours, rice, spices blend well.

Switch the flame of gas to medium heat. Grease a steaming plate or utensil with oil & place it in the steamer basket (one that holes works best so steam can properly circulate)

Apply oil on your hands and fingertips. Make 10 equal parts of the mix.

Take 1 portion, make a big firm round ball, place it in your palm & holding it firmly vertically between all your fingers press to a vertical shaped muthiya. (like a small size cucumber)

Place the muthiya in the steaming plate/utensil. Repeat for all muthiyas. Keep little space between the muthiyas as they expand after steaming.

After all muthiyas are done, close the steaming basket lid & steam for 1 hour.

Set a timer to ring after 30 mins to check water level inside the steamer basket. Open after 30 mins, check the water level & add a glassful of water to steam muthiyas for another 30 mins.

After the next 30 mins, muthiyas are done. Insert a knife, it should come out clean with little cooked wheat masala.

Remove plate/utensil from steamer basket. Let it cool for 15-20 minutes.

Serve as is or cut in slices & serve with cilantro chutney & tomato ketchup.

Let leftover muthiya cool completely. Store in airtight container in the fridge.

Whenever you want to serve again, you can keep some oil for vaghaar, add rai, sesame seeds, pinch of hing, cut muthiyas in thick slices, add to vaghaar, mix till all vaghaar is coated well on muthiyas.

Heat on less than medium flame for 5-7 minutes.

Serve hot with cilantro chutney & tomato ketchup

Prepare & enjoy !!!

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