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Thursday, March 18, 2010


SAMOSA RECIPE - Makes 12 Potato & Peas Samosas


3 cups Maida
3 tablespoons Rava
3 tablespoons warm melted Dalda Ghee
2-3 tsps salt to taste
small spoon ground jeera powder
small spoon ground ajmo - ajwain seeds
about 3/4th cup water to knead the dough

Sieve maida, rava, add the remaining ingredients & prepare dough with water like we make for puris. Knead the dough till everything blends well, apply little oil, cover & keep it at least for 30 mins before preparing the samosas.


INGREDIENTS FOR THE FILLING: This is a Potato & Peas filling mixture, but if you prefer a Vegetable Samosa, you can add a cupful of steamed chopped green beans, carrots, corn etc. to this mixture & adjust spices accordingly.

500 gms potatoes (1 medium size potato makes upto 2 samosas, so if you dont have a weighing scale, u can estimate the number of pcs u want to make like this & boil potatoes accordingly)

250 gms peas (here i use frozen peas - add water in a saucepan, add peas, little salt, haldi & boil it on medium flame till peas are cooked - takes abt 7-10 mins. Pour this in a strainer to remove the water & peas to dry out before getting added to the potato mixture)

1 bunch finely chopped & washed cilantro (fresh dhania)

1/2 to 1 tablespoon Garam Masala Powder, you can add 1/2 tbsp first & add more if required later (optional, only if you use, I make samosas without this)

1/2 to 1 tablespoon Chat Masala Powder, you can add 1/2 tbsp first & add more if required later (optional, only if you use, I make samosas without this)

4 tablespoons oil for vaghaar

Salt to taste

Prepare Spicy Green Chilli paste by grinding green chillies, salt, haldi together with little water ~ this depends on how spicy u wish to make, so u can add accordingly. You will need at least 3-4 tablespoons, so add this first & then more if required later

a small piece of ground fresh ginger

Dhania seeds (the full small green seeds) 3 spoons (optional if you have or u can add more dhania jeera powder)

Jeera 3 spoons

Anardana (dry pomegranate seeds) 20 gms (optional only if u can find them as sometimes Indian stores abroad dont hv them - it gives a tart flavor & black color to the samosas filling mixture)



1. Boil potatoes, mash them

2. Steam & drain green peas as mentioned above

3. Finely chop cilantro, wash & keep aside

4. In a kadhai or pan, add Anardana, Jeera, Dhania seeds & roast on a slow medium flame till they are lightly toasted. Cool for half an hour, grind to fine powder

(If you are in a hurry & dont hv time to do this, you can add equal amount of readymade Dhaniajeera powder & Jeera powder to the mixture, little chat masala to replace anardana if its not available readily)

5. Prepare Green Chilli paste & Ginger paste. You will need at least 3-4 tbsps Green chilli paste for this quantity & small piece of fresh ginger ground with little salt

6. Add 4 tablespoons Oil in a kadhai, add little jeera, add mashed potatoes, ground masalas (4 & 5), garam masala, chat masala, salt to taste, haldi & mix thoroughly on slow flame.

Cook on medium heat for 3-4 mins, keep mixing.

Finally, add the fresh chopped cilantro, green peas & mix thoroughly.

7. The filling mixture has to cool completely before it can be filled in the samosa. So u can spread it out on a big plate or tray or baking sheet



1. Knead the dough again & make 6 equal parts. Keep dough covered as it tends to dry out.

2. Prepare wheat paste to seal samosas - Take 3-4 tablespoons wheat, add little water to make a thick paste to seal samosas.

3. Roll 1 part of the dough in a long oval shape. Cut it in the center. Take one half of the piece & roll again, stretch it on the sides & downwards to get an almost V like shape.

The folding of samosa is explained in the attached photo.

In step C, cover should slightly overlap over the cover as shown in step B. In the inside portion of the overlap, apply the wheat paste with a spoon & seal it thoroughly so the samosa does not break open while frying.

Now you have a cone. On the left hand, form a lightly closed fist in which the thumb tip touches the finger tips, turn the cone upside down so tip of cone is pointing downwards & cone lies loosely between fingers & the thumb.

Take a small eating spoon & start filling the samosa - About 2 - 3 spoons is enough to fill a samosa.

Add 1st spoon inside the cone & shape the tip of the samosa by pressing lightly on the cover of the tip from outside. Should be sharp, pointed like the market samosa.

Add 2nd spoon & shape the center by lightly pressing on the center of the samosa & give it a good shape.

Add 3rd spoon & press it lightly with the spoon.


On one half of the open cover thats left, apply the wheat paste with a spoon & with your right hand, flip the back of the cover to the front & seal the base thoroughly.

Keep a greased tray ready. Keep the filled samosas on a greased tray so they dont stick to the base because of the wheat paste.

Fill & prepare all the samosas.



Heat oil on medium to high flame for about 10 mins (like we heat before we fry anything)

Take the holes laddle, place a samosa on the laddle & slowly insert in the hot oil. One batch should be able to fry about 3-4 samosas.

Let it lightly fry on 1 side, turn & lightly fry on the other side - Just about 2-3 mins so the outer cover cooks slightly with pinkish tinge. Remove from oil.

(At this step, u can also let them cool & store in the refrigerator & deep fry before serving. Stays good in the refrigerator for 3-4 days at least, so you prepare a bigger batch & store them too)

Let it cool for 10 minutes at least before deep frying.

Repeat for all samosas.


DEEP FRYING : Heat oil for at least 10 mins before frying on medium heat.

Add samosas to hot oil by keeping them on the holes laddle one by one. Deep fry for at least 7-10 mins, turning them upside down every few mins to ensure even golden color & no black spots.

Serve hot with cilantro chutney, imli chutney, tomato sauce


If you have the cover mixture left when u try to make a big batch, you can roll the rest of the dough in thin round chapatis & make Sakkarpara out of it, fry it on medium flame at the end of frying all the samosas, another quick snack is ready.

If the filling mixture has leftover, you can make Toast sandwiches out of this, tastes very good...Take a plain bread, put some fresh cut onion & capsicum pieces, add the filling mixture, press evenly with spoon, top again with some fresh cut onion & capsicum pcs on top of the filling mixture & toast ... enjoy with tomato sauce & cilantro chutney.



fresh dahi - blend it with a spoon/blender/valoni so its like thick yogurt

sweet imli chutney (imli & jaggery or sugar)

cilantro chutney

fresh onion chopped

fresh tomato chopped

fresh cilantro chopped

farsan spicy sev, chana dal, moong dal

sprinkle little salt, red chilli powder, cut green chilli pieces

1. Mash a samosa lightly into several pieces with a spoon.

2. Pour dahi over it & add all of the above.


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