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Sunday, March 21, 2010


There is no crepe in this world that compares to a crisp lentil Dosa, my all time favorite since childhood, now a weekend recipe that equally delights my family ...




4 cups long grain rice (I use Riceland Rice from Costco)

2 cups Urad dal (white, split)

1/2 cup Chana Dal (Chana Dal & dry methi seeds give the dosa a deep golden color when cooked & make it easier to lift off the pan)

1 teaspoon dry methi (fenugreek) seeds



Mix all the above ingredients in a big utensil/tub. Wash this mixture under running water 3-4 times.

Let it soak overnight for 8-10 hours. Next morning, mixture is ready to grind. Drain all the water out of the mixture.

You will need 1 litre of water (32 oz) - this will be required to grind the dosa mixture. You can add fresh water if the soaked water is less than 32 oz.

In small batches, add the soaked mixture to a grinder, add water enough to grind the mixture (just enough that the mixture soaks in it)

The soaked mixture will need 1 litre (32 oz) water in all to make a fluffy dosa batter, so if there is any water left, add it to the empty mixer jar, close the lid, clean it up & add it to the dosa mixture.

Give the batter a good mix with a big spoon for 3-5 minutes, aerate it well.

Cover & let it ferment undisturbed for 12-18 hours (during fall & winter) and 8-12 hours (during spring & summer)

Batter should have risen & there must be air bubbles in it - this is a good dosa batter.

Add 7-8 teaspoons salt (to taste) to the batter.

Batter is ready to make dosas. Heat a big size non stick pan/cast iron dosa pan/a big non stick rectangle griddle to make super size dosas

Season the pan with 1 teaspoon oil, sprinkle a handful of water, wipe dry with a damp cloth/paper towel/rubber spatula

Spread the dosa batter with a ladle, from the center outwards, make a big circle. Apply little oil on the edges & around the center. Let dosa cook - the top side will look cracked & the edges will be golden brown.

If the dosa is too thin, just flip, turn over & serve.

If its thick, you might have to cook it on the other side too.

After every dosa, sprinkle water & little oil on the pan, spread with rubber spatula to reduce the temperature of the pan & help spread the batter. Cook on medium flame for golden brown dosas.

Serve hot with coconut chutney, spicy sambar.

Prepare & enjoy !!!

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