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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Pan fried glazed fresh onions loaded on a medium thick Uttapam ... variations include addition of fresh tomatoes, green chilli pieces & fresh cut cilantro (dhania) to this ... add salt & red chilli powder to this salad mixture for more flavor ...

INGREDIENTS : fresh cut onions, tomatoes, green chilli pieces, cilantro (dhania)

Prepare the dosa batter as mentioned in the Plain Dosa recipe.

Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat, season it with 1 teaspoon oil, sprinkle water & wipe with a damp cloth/rubber spatula

Make a medium thick round uttapam. Immediately sprinkle onions, green chilli pieces & fresh cut cilantro on top. (you can add toppings of your choice)

Take a spoon & press all the salad mixture in the uttapam so it gets cooked very well.

Apply a teaspoon of oil on the sides & around the center over the onion mixture. Spread all the oil over the onion mixture well so they get cooked properly when you flip the uttapam.

Let uttapam cook till you see bubbles all over & the edges begin to turn golden brown.

Flip & cook on the other side as well with onions are well cooked & golden brown.

Serve hot with coconut chutneys & sambar.

Before making the next uttapam, season the pan once again with 1 teaspoon oil, sprinkle water & wipe with a damp cloth/rubber spatula. This ensures that the pan is clean, the next uttapam gets cooked well & is easy to flip.

Repeat for all uttapams. Making small poori size uttapams is a great idea for kids so they can lift & eat it like a small pizza.



1. After spreading the uttapam you can add the Masala Dosa sabzi to make 'Masala Uttapam'

2. Or else you can cut fresh green onions, cabbage, shredded carrot, capsicum (add salt & red chilli powder to this mixture) spread this over the uttapam & cook to make a 'Chinese style uttapam'

3. Or you can make a spicy samosa filling kind of mixture & press that to get a 'Samosa stuffing uttapam'

4. Or you can add leftover Pav Bhaaji to this & make 'Spicy Uttapam'

The variations are endless so work with what your family loves the best :-)


Prepare & enjoy !!!

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