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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Homemade Green Chilli paste is one of the most essential ingredient in most of my spicy preparations .. making this paste at home is very simple & advantageous because fresh chillies spoil, but this paste lasts longer when refrigerated

STEAM THE GREEN CHILLIES - remove all the stems from the green chillies. Collect all the chillies in a big utensil that has holes in it (in which we soak Poha)

Stem only the fresh firm green chillies. The softer ones are degrading, must be discarded as they spoil the paste.

CLEAN Once all the cillies are stemmed, place the utensil in the sink under running water & wash all the chillies thoroughly.

GRIND TO PASTE Fill chillies in a blender jar upto half the capacity, add water enough to soak all the chillies, for a cupful of chillies, you will need 1 teaspoon of salt, so add salt accordingly & 1/8 teaspoon haldi

Blend to a very fine paste in small batches.

Store in a container without lid. Refrigerate this paste & dont put any lid on it. Everytime you open the fridge, fresh air cirulates in the fridge & it will not spoil the paste for weeks.

Also salt & turmeri act as a preservative to keep this paste fresh longer.

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