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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Garlic, so good for your heart, so good for your family's health ... again another paste that drives into my refrigerator & sabzis every time ... Gujarati Snack preparations are so full of garlic, ginger & green chilli pastes that these are must haves ...

PEEL GARLIC keep fresh firm garlic cloves. If the garlic cloves have started germinating, degerm the galric by cutting the end edges where germination has started.

GRIND Fill garlic in a blender jar upto half the capacity, add water enough to soak all the garlic, for a cupful of garlic, you will need 1 teaspoon of salt, so add salt accordingly

Blend to a very fine paste in small batches.

Store in a container without lid. Refrigerate this paste & don't put any lid on it. Everytime you open the fridge, fresh air cirulates in the fridge & it will not spoil the paste for weeks.

Also salt acts as a preservative to keep this paste fresh longer. This paste might turn a little green after few days, but the taste is the same, so it can still be added to food preparations without any problems.

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